Cooper Tisdale & Friends
Live In Atlanta
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01. Lake Acid
02. Toe Truck
03. Fireman Bill
04. Doo Dad
05. E.J.
06. Bad Judge
07. Now Be Nice
08. Good Friend
09. Sue's Cue
10. You
11. Freedom
12. Keepin' On

Cooper Tisdale - Guitar, Vocals
David Savage - Keys
Joe Reda - Bass
Jason LaMarca - Drums
Juan Bonini - Percussion
Michael Meredith - Vocals
Rafael Pereira - Pandeiro

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"Cooper Tisdale & Friends Live in Atlanta", his third and latest CD on the Jammates Records label, delivers a stellar live set of contemporary rock/jazz fusion. Tisdale offers up all original material chocked full of thoughtful melodies and powerful performances by his bandmates. This line-up of the Cooper Tisdale & Friends features David Savage (keys), Joe Reda (bass), Jason LaMarca (drums) and Juan Bonini (percussion), with guest appearances by Michael Merideth (vocals) and Rafael Pereira (Pandeiro).

Radio & Reviewer Quotes:

“Live in Atlanta" by CT & Friends, is a stunning release. Very, very good indeed.”
... Peter Merrett, Radio Station PBS-FM 106.7, Melbourne Australia

“Cooper represents a clear link between Fusion and Jam with a real gift for playing notes that have meaning.”
... Rick Calic, Jazz Rock World, Redwood CA

“I haven’t heard such a genuine jazz/rock album for quite some time!”
... Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA, Luxembourg

“Killer Chops!”
... John W. Patterson, JazzRock-Radio, Wake Forest NC

“Bold! Complex! Tasty! All three apply to Cooper Tisdale’s new release.”
... Dean, FusionGroovin, Bedford NY

“Cooper’s Live in Atlanta CD is extremely enjoyable.”
... Randy Allar, The Fusion Show, WCSB 89.3 FM, Cleveland OH

“No collection is complete without this one - really great!”
... Gi Dussault, Upper Room Radio Show, CT

"A sincere, emotive songwriter and an elegant player."
... Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"The rock/jazz synthesis is as natural and fulfilling as it is hard to label."
... Creative Loafing

"When he hits on a bluesy riff and extrapolates from there, there's no doubt just how good this guy is."
... Atlanta Press