Lee Johnson - Symphonic Series III
Seaside Symphony
Symphony no. 4
Ora Pro Mi
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Seaside Symphony
Symphony no. 4
01. First Light Pavilions
02. White Picket Pathways
03. Patterns in Serenity
04. Boulevard of the Arts
05. Towers to the Emerald

Ora Pro Mi
06. In
07. Precious
08. Friend
09. Closer
10. Grace

Lee Johnson - Composer, Conductor
London Symphony Orchestra

Both of these works are aesthetically related and were intended to create an uninterrupted sound experience. The gardens of the late Alice Hand Callaway and the friendship I enjoyed with her are central to what unifies the spirit of the two compositions. The natural, civic, and architectural wonders of Seaside, FL were introduced to me by Mark Callaway - grandson of Alice Hand Callaway - where he arranged for me to participate in the Seaside Institute’s Escape to Create program. Because of this I was able to compose both works in residence while at Seaside. Needless to say I had never enjoyed as beautiful a working environment before this adventure began.

I am named as the Callaway Professor of Music at LaGrange College and have been profoundly blessed by the commitment to the arts as well as the commitment to LaGrange College that the Callaway Foundation has demonstrated for several decades. I hope to have returned my share of beauty back to the community of LaGrange so as to be shown worthy of such all too rare support.