Lee Johnson - Symphonic Series V
The Great Men Symphonies
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Symphony no.1
01. First Movement
02. Second Movement

The Colours of a Soul
Symphony no.2
03. Palette's Promise
04. Studying New York c. 1928
05. Favorite Sunshine
06. Peoplescape
07. NASA Capsule
08. Bulldogs and Pom Poms

Lee Johnson - Composer, Conductor
London Symphony Orchestra
Cyberlin Philharmonia

Symphony no. 1
Fuller E. Callaway Jr., his generosity and vision for the future growth of LaGrange College caused me to have the life changing opportunity to develop the Creative Music Technologies degree that has now become one of the leading programs of its kind in the nation. I wanted to express my gratitude for the philanthropic genuineness of his life’s work as well as his families on going commitment to that vision. So I offer this symphony in his honor as a gift in return. The texts were chosen by his long time pastor and friend, Dr. Paul Baxter, which in turn reflect gratitude heavenward for all the goodness of life’s blessings.

Symphony no. 2
The Colours of a Soul
Lamar Dodd quickly became one of the most important mentors of my early career in academe. His experience, his love of life, and his determination to make a profound difference in the lives of others was a joy to behold. His creative work was beyond reproach and the occasion of this new symphony was a Dodd career retrospective symposium during the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. It was also a time when I had to face the hard reality that there appeared to be no one other than myself that seemed willing to perform my music. Thankfully, I had enough technology to make new music along with the artistry of my friend and oftentimes collaborator, Sam Skelton. I had marveled at the work that Sam had done on some omnisphere theater scores we had worked on together and for this new work I asked him to bring everything he knew how to play and some things that he didn’t. This work is evidence that the paradigm shift had already moved the unchallenged security of the symphony orchestra back into the rough and tumble realm of new ideas once again. I enjoyed naming my orchestra the Cyberlin Philharmonia.